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Review for: NatWest Bank in Norbury,

Bad customer service

Just went to this branch and waited 20 min without anyone evening saying hello. The women behind the counter was as arrogant as they get. Don't go there

-by (23, November, 2015)

Review for: NatWest Bank in Arbroath,

Opening time

hello, i want to know if you work at saturday and when you close? Thanks

-by (04, July, 2014)

Review for: NatWest Bank in Gosport,


I cannot speak highly enough of this branch and its wonderful staff. Nothing is too much trouble, the amount of abuse some customers put them through is so wrong but the still try to help them and keep on smiling

-by (04, February, 2013)

Review for: NatWest Bank in Uxbridge,

Bad staff

I recently went in to nat west in Uxbridge and the staff were useless,then a lady come out to see me a manager I think and how she has a job in a bank I do not know,I don't think she even knew what day it was.....get some new staff if you want to keep running

-by (11, January, 2013)